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0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Autolock Connectors


F33M/F332/F323 series is a 0.50mm pitch Non-ZIF flex connector with an Autolock mechanism and surface mount termination. It comes with 6 to 68 contact positions in both right angle and vertical orientations. This series features a cable thickness of 0.33mm and provide the durability of 20 mating cycles. Its robust connector design makes it suitable for robotic operations, supporting Industry 4.0. These are also ideal for automotive, data, industrial, communication, consumer, and medical applications.

  • Allows one-handed operation and ease of assembly
  • Strong FFC/FPC retention makes it vibration-proof
  • GND terminals to prevent noise
  • Ensures high durability
  • USCAR-2 T3V2 qualified