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200G QSFP DD Active Optical Cable (AOC)


Amphenol QSFP DD to QSFP DD 200G Active Optical Cable assemblies increase the number of lanes from 4 to 8 and double the port density as compared to 100G QSFP28 AOC. These AOC assemblies are QSFP DD MSA compliant, also backwards port compatible with existing QSFP modules and provide flexibility for end users and system designers. The QSFP DD AOCs operate up to 25Gb/s NRZ modulation and provide solutions up to 200Gb/s aggregate bandwidth, supporting 100meters over parallel multimode fiber. They are an ideal choice to be adopted for higher capacity networks and data center applications.

  • Twice the port density of QSFP28
  • Data rate up to 25.78125Gb/s per lane
  • 100m over parallel multimode fiber
  • Up to 200G aggregate bandwidth