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3000W EnergyEdge™ X-treme

The NEW 3000W EnergyEdge™ X-treme Card Edge series offers the highest linear density available in the market today. The EnergyEdge™ product series features twice as many contact points allowing for a 25% improvement in linear current density when compared to existing card edge products. X-treme’s revolutionary dual contact design pushes the boundaries of card edge technology beyond 3000W to power modern system architectures. The EnergyEdge™ series also provides up to a 23% size reduction compared to eHPCE®, carrying 3000W in the same 43mm space. The series features two variations of power contacts, a dual-beam contact option with a pitch of 5.08mm rated at 28A per contact and a 3-beam option at a pitch of 7.62mm rated at 42A per contact. The multiple contact options provide greater flexibility for different pad layouts. The product series is available in right angle, right angle coplanar, vertical, and straddle mount configurations.

  • 25% improvement in current linear density
  • 23% size reduction when compared to traditional card edge connectors
  • Multiple contact options for different pad layouts
  • Available in straddle mount, right angle, right angle coplanar and vertical configurations
  • Energy efficient dual contact design with end