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DEGSON serves as an international provider for electrical, electronic, and industrial connectors
Terminal Blocks :

Pluggable Terminal Blocks, PCB Terminal Blocks, Barrier Terminal Blocks, Through-Wall Terminal Blocks, Transformaer Terminal Blocks, Feed Through Terminal Blocks, 

DIN-Rail TB :

Screw typePush-in and Spring cage type are optional, Users can freely choose and combine.

Circular Connector :

The M series connecting cables meet the typical sensor/actuator requirements of the automation industry. In addition, applications such as power supply and data transmission can match the corresponding product series; LED versions. 360 shielding and various high-quality cables are worth looking forward to.


Industrial universal interface, screw, spring or crimp connection are optional, suitable for different applications.Protection level IP67/68, with metal alloy enclosure,
corrosion-resistant plastic sprayed coating. Can withstand the harsh challenges of different applications.

Electronic Products :

Relay/prefabricated wiring harness/relay module/card IO.Plug and play connection , quick ad convenient, save space, The card module is easy to assemble and operate, tool free.

Electronic Vehicle Charger :

AC charging cable enables individual users of electric vehicles to enjoy convenient and safe home charging. DC charging cable, installed in public places for fast and safe charging.

Ebike Connector :

Meet the power or signal connection between different equipment of electric two-wheeled vehicle; It owns the characteristics of long lifecycles and high reliability, and has gradually become the design benchmark of connectors in the industry.

Energy Storage Connector :

Degson’s new energy storage connector adopts anti misplug and anti electric shock design. It is waterproof and dust-proof with IP67 high protection level. It can rotate 360° after insertion to meet the wiring needs of different customers. Three wiring methods are optional.