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ExaMAX® 56Gb/s Backplane Cable

The ExaMAX® I/O system offers cable assemblies and I/O connector solutions for both internal and external applications. ExaMAX® I/O products are capable of delivering high speed performance of 25 Gb/s per channel with a path to 40 Gb/s and higher. The ExaMAX® I/O system delivers superior linear board signal density and meets the performance requirements of the OIF-CEI-25G-LR industry standard.

The internal I/O system is offered in both cabled backplane and point-to-point internal cables that feature positive latching and integrated guidance to ensure a robust interconnection. The internal system is designed as a direct replacement for a vertical header connector on a backplane and/or midplane using hard metric design guidelines.

The external cable system features robust metal die castings in various exit configurations coupled with a braided shield and EMI gasket system to assure reliable EMI performance. Jackscrew mechanical mounting provides robust and flexible strain relief solutions. 

Amphenol is able to create custom cabling solutions and configurations to meet specific design requirements. The ExaMAX® I/O system is highly scalable and modular and has the ability to fit in almost any application.