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Fan Connector Card-to-Wire


CTW (Card-to-Wire) fan module connector comes with a flexible design for card-to-wire power applications used in fan modules. It allows different wire gauges ranging from 28AWG – 22AWG. The connector provides a maximum current rating of 4A/pin.

CTW fan module connector comprising of standard and smart versions, offers a cost-effective solution with a less airflow drop compared to conventional card-to-board fan connector solutions.

Standard fan module can be easily assembled with a cover and wires can be tidied up. It has optional idle keys for fan model identification and optional light pipe-frame orientation (left/right).

Smart fan module has an IC slot which allows the recording of fan operations through IC, preferably the ST Microelectronics M24C64 series (SO8 (MN) 150 mil width). Provision of an extra pin each on the IC side and on the power side allows for detection and FMLB operations.

  • 4A/pin maximum
  • Wire gauge range from 28AWG – 22AWG
  • Standard fan has optional Idle keys for fan model identification
  • Optional light pipe-frame orientation