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Ferroxcube is a leading manufacturer of ferrite cores, essential components in electronic devices like transformers and inductors. These ceramic magnetic materials, comprised of iron oxide and metal oxides, enhance efficiency by managing magnetic flux. Widely used in power supplies and electromagnetic interference filters, Ferroxcube's ferrite cores contribute to the reliability and performance of electronic systems.
Trusted for their versatility, Ferroxcube offers a range of ferrite materials tailored to specific frequencies and applications, making them a go-to choice for engineers and designers in the electronics industry.
Planar ER cores
EQ cores
U and UR cores
PQ cores
PM cores
ER and ETD cores
EFD cores
Planar E cores
EP and EPX cores
E cores
EC cores
RM cores
P cores
Ferrite Multihole
Cable Shield
Feriite Bead
Ferrite Bobbin
WBC windband choke on wire
Ferrite Tube
Rod core
Multilayer Inductor
WBC windband choke on wire
SMD CMM choke
SMD bead
Epoxy Coated Toroid
Parylene Coated Toroid
Uncoated Toroid