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Hellermann Tyton

HellermannTyton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for fastening, fixing, installing, connecting, insulating, protecting and identifying electrical cables and data network infrastructure. We also develop parts for customer-specific industrial applications.
Cable Ties and Fixings:

Cable ties and fixing elements need to meet a wide range of demands these days. They are used in various operations, such as bundling cables or in extreme conditions. HellermannTyton, one of the top manufacturers in the UK, sets high standards for cable ties and fixing elements. They produce inside and outside serrated cable ties, releasable cable ties, and cable ties without serration. They also offer cable ties for direct fixing, stainless steel cable ties, and fixing ties. HellermannTyton even creates unique cable ties for different markets. Gennexcorp is an authorized distributor of Hellermann Tyton products in the Philippines.


Areas where heat shrink tubing is used vary greatly. This is why HellermannTyton focuses on matching all of its heat shrink tubing optimally in the jobs for which it will be used in developing, manufacturing and distributing its heat shrink tubing and heat shrink moulded shapeHeat shrink tubing is utilized in various areas, and HellermannTyton ensures that their heat shrink tubing is tailored to specific applications. They take the lead in developing, manufacturing, and distributing heat shrink tubing and molded shapes that provide optimal protection against mechanical, environmental, chemical, and electrical factors.
Gennexcorp is an authorized distributor of Hellermann Tyton products in the Philippines.s.

Industrial identification and self-adhesive labels:

Industrial identification is becoming increasingly important in modern work processes. Whether it’s for cable and wire labeling, asset identification, asset tracking, or security labeling, these products are used in various industries such as aerospace and warehousing. HellermannTyton offers high-quality products that meet these needs.
We develop innovative products in close collaboration with our customers, allowing us to provide solutions that cater to most requirements. Our extensive knowledge of the industrial identification market and applications ensures that our products align with customer needs. This includes simple pre-printed cable markers, adhesive labels that can be written on by hand, printing systems capable of processing tens of thousands of labels per week, and sophisticated RFID Cable Ties used for asset tracking and management.

Cable Management:

HellermannTyton ensures top-notch quality and safety in all cable protection areas, offering a wide range of benefits such as excellent flexibility, high flame-retardant properties, and exceptional mechanical protection. Different situations call for specific cable protection requirements. For instance, in plant and machinery construction, cable protection needs to withstand high levels of mechanical impact and abrasion. On the other hand, cable protection used in public buildings or rolling-stock must fulfill the most stringent fire safety standards.