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IPC-M350 Connectors


Amphenol’s IPC-M350 power connector is the largest and most powerful connector in the IPC-M product series. IPC-M350 is capable of housing two separate 350MCM (185mm2) contacts rated for up to 500A (UL rated). IPC-M350 is an ideal connector solution for battery interconnects, eMobility charging, and other DC power distribution applications. This connector is designed for wire-to-wire interconnects featuring multiple colorcoded options with built-in keying features to ensure proper mating. IPC-M350 connectors are capable of housing 1/0 to 350MCM wire sizes.

  • UL rated up to 500A per 350MCM (185mm2) contact
  • Color-keyed housing design (Gray, Blue, and Red)
  • Silver plated contacts rated up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • UL Tested and Approved when cross-mated with competitive connectors