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Laird Thermal Systems

Thermoelectric Coolers :

Laird Thermal Systems’ broad family of thermoelectric coolers provide design engineers with a wide range of cooling capacities, temperature differentials, form factors, finishing options and thermal cycling capabilities. Select from our standard thermoelectric cooler products or engage with a Laird thermal expert to quickly develop a custom thermoelectric cooling solution with our prototyping center for the optimum thermal management solution. 

Thermoelectric Assemblies :

Laird Thermal Systems presents the most comprehensive range of thermoelectric cooler assemblies in the industry. Capable of cooling significantly below ambient temperatures, our assemblies safeguard electronics within enclosures from external contaminants while minimizing moisture exposure from the surrounding environment. With accurate temperature control, our thermoelectric cooler assemblies cater to various thermal management applications in the medical, analytical, industrial, and telecom sectors.

Temperature Controllers :

Laird Thermal Systems provides robust liquid cooling solutions (LCS) for many of the temperature critical applications found in the medical, analytical, industrial and semiconductor markets. With cooling capabilities from 100 watts to 25K watts and beyond, our LCS systems are designed to maximize temperature stabilization at above, below or equal to ambient temperature. Service life expectations can exceed more than 20 years in the field.

Liquid Cooling Systems :

Laird Thermal Systems designs and manufactures one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry. When our standard products don’t exactly meet your product or system design requirements, our team’s strong technology and application know-how drives the ability to develop precision cooling systems that meet specific customer demands.

Custom Solutions :

Relay/prefabricated wiring harness/relay module/card IO.Plug and play connection , quick ad convenient, save space, The card module is easy to assemble and operate, tool free.