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Laird Thermal Systems

laird thermal systems

Thermoelectric Coolers:

Thermoelectric Coolers

Laird Thermal Systems’ broad range of thermoelectric coolers provides design engineers with a wide range of cooling capacities, temperature differentials, form factors, finishing options, and thermal cycling capabilities. Gennex, as an authorized distributor, has a plethora of standard thermoelectric coolers as well as tailored solutions to fit your specific requirements. Our team of Laird thermal experts is always ready to assist you with developing a custom thermoelectric cooling solution at our prototyping center for optimum thermal management. 

Thermoelectric Assemblies :

laird thermal systems

Laird Thermal Systems presents the most comprehensive range of thermoelectric cooler assemblies in the industry, and at Gennex, everything is available at your request. Our extensive lineup ensures superior cooling performance while maintaining temperatures well below ambient levels. Designed to protect electronics from external pollutants and moisture, they guarantee optimal functionality within enclosures. With accurate temperature control, Laird thermoelectric cooler assemblies cater to various thermal management applications in the medical, analytical, industrial, and telecom sectors.

Temperature Controllers:
laird thermal systems

Laird Thermal Systems manufactures robust temperature controllers engineered to precision. At Gennex, you can get genuine Laird temperature controllers that offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability to ensure optimal control over heating and cooling systems. Whether for industrial processes, research laboratories, or commercial applications, our temperature controllers provide precise temperature regulation, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Liquid Cooling Systems:

laird thermal systems

Laird Thermal Systems provides liquid cooling solutions (LCS) for many of the temperature-critical applications found in the medical, analytical, industrial, and semiconductor markets. With cooling capacities ranging from 100 watts to 25K watts and beyond,  at Gennex, we offer high-quality liquid cooling systems to ensure optimal temperature stabilization, whether above, below, or equal to ambient temperature. Crafted for longevity, with service life expectations surpassing 20 years in the field, liquid cooling solutions by Laird Thermal Systems set the standard for reliability and performance.

Custom Solutions :

laird thermal systems

Laird Thermal Systems presents one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry. However, at Gennex, we understand that your unique projects, at times, require tailored solutions. Leveraging our expertise and the innovative technology of Laird Thermal Systems, we specialize in developing precision cooling systems that accurately align with your specific requirements. From concept to creation, you can trust us without a doubt to deliver bespoke solutions that elevate your thermal management strategy to new heights.