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PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connector Series


The PwrBlade® Mini connector series introduces enhanced features to our existing PwrBlade® products in a smaller profile. PwrBlade® MiniMezz is available in stack heights ranging from 8mm – 20mm with options for power & signal contacts. It also has blind-mate guides that allow for ±0.80mm of gatherability for blind-mate applications. PwrBlade® MiniMezz will have press-fit tail or solder tail terminations available. PwrBlade® Mini will also have options for board-to-board and cable-to-board configurations coming soon.

  • The lowest profile power & signal mezzanine connectors available
  • Modular tooling to accommodate wide range of application requirements
  • 8mm – 20mm stack height combinations, tooled in 1mm increments
  • Solder-tail or press-fit terminations
  • High blind-mate gather ability of ±0.8mm