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QSFP DD Cable Assemblies

200G / 400G / 800G SOLUTIONS

Amphenol’s QSFP DD (Double Density) passive copper cable assemblies double the number of channels from 4 to 8 lanes when compared to the existing 100G QSFP cabling systems, enabling more bandwidth within the same mechanical envelope. Compatible with 25G/Lane NRZ up to 112G/Lane PAM4 signaling protocols that allow cables to deliver aggregate bandwidths of 200G, 400G, and 800G per cable assembly. Available in both Passive, Active and Loopback variants.

  • Addresses current and future market desired bandwidth port capability requirements
  • Backwards mate compatible with QSFP receptacles
  • Data Rate: 25G NRZ / 56G PAM4 / 112G PAM4
  • Cable sizes: 26 AWG – 32 AWG
  • 112G Passive cable lengths up to 2 meters
  • 112G Active cable lengths up to 4 meters