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SMD LED – Subminiature LED Lamps (Leadframe) 91-21

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Subminiature LED Lamps (Leadframe) 91-21

The 92-21 SMD LED is much smaller than leaded components .Thus enable smaller board size. Higher packing density. Reduced storage space and finally smaller equipment to be obtained. Besides, light weight makes them ideal for miniature applications. Furthermore by automation assembly machines the accuracy is anticipated.


• Package in 12mm tape on 7″ diameter reels.
• Compatible with automatic placement equipment.
• EIA Std. package.
• Mono-color type.
• Pb-free

Other Applications

• Small indicator for indoor applications.
• Flat backlight for LCD
• Switches and symbols.
• Indicator and backlight in office equipment.
• Indicator and backlight for battery driven equipment.
• Indicator and backlight for audio and video equipment.
• Automotive : backlighting in dashboards and switches.
• Telecommunication:indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax.