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Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect is a preferred supplier of advanced electronic components, subsystems, optical and radio frequency products for customers requiring reliable, high-speed and secure connectivity, often in harsh environments.
Hyperboloid Contacts :
  • High reliability hyperboloid contact technology
  • Platform and custom products providing exceptional performance in critical applications and harsh environments
Spring Probe Interposers :
  • Spring probe contact technology
  • Compliant interconnect products ideal for high density, miniature and blind mate applications
High Speed Connectors :
  • Standard 100 and 150Ω quandrax and twinax contacts
  • FormatsL MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 600, MIL-DTL-83527 and D-Subminiature
  • Fibre Channel, Ethernet Fireware, USB, DVI and InfiniBand protocols
High Power
  • Rugged, single and multi-way formats
  • Power up to 700 Amps
  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • High Number of mating cycles
Spring Probe :
  • Low profile, high compliance ratio
  • Z-axis compliance
  • Blind mate engagement
  • Low, stable resistance with long cycle life
Backplane :
  • Broad portfolio including SOSA aligned optical COTS plus hard metric, VITA standard and high speed twinax interconnects.
  • Addressing the requirements of mission-crititcal applications within commercial aerospace, space and defense market segments
EMI/EMP Filter :
  • Intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filter connectors
  • C, L and Pi style EMI filters
  • TVS protection meetingthe requirements of TCA D160 section 22 up to level 5
Circular :
  • Avaliable in metal and plastic shells
  • Crimps and solder terminations
  • Push/pull latching mechanism
  • Colour coding options avaliable
  • Low, medium and high-density connectors with long life cycle
  • Singal, power, high speed, RF and spring probe contacts
  • Wide choice of configurations and terminations
Modular/Rectangular :
  • Configurable with signal, power, RF, twinax, triax, quandrax and fibre optic contacts into a single connector
  • Guide hardware for bling mating