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Taitien Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese company specializing in precision frequency control products, including quartz crystals and crystal oscillators. The company is known for supplying high-quality components to the global electronics and telecommunications industry, emphasizing accuracy and innovation in its offerings.

kHZ Crystal, MHz Crystal, High Precision Crystal

Miniature XO, kHz, XO, Low Poer XO, Low Phase XO, Wide Temp XO, High Precisoon XO, High Frequency XO, Fast Delivery XO, CMOS XO, Differential XO

High Frequency, Ultra Low Phase Noise, Fast Delivery, CMOS, Differential, Miniature, Wide Temperature, Low g-sensitivity, Stratum 3

Combined low drift rates, excellent short-term stability and stable frequency during temperature changes to maintain accurate frequency and time during GNSS interruptions

Quartz Thickness – Monitor Crystal

Quartz Watech Analyzer

Miniature Crystal Oven