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Universal Contact


Amphenol’s Basics universal contact is a single-piece SMT contact that provides an electrical connection between a device and a PCB with no higher than 2A current rating. The universal contact is stamped and formed terminal, incorporating pre-load and anti-lift features available in free height ranging from 1.2mm to 4.1mm, and the deflection range is from 0.6mm to 1.8mm. The universal contact is designed to connect the devices such as the battery, antenna, microphone, and speaker with PCB, and can also be used for grounding connection. It can accept the devices in multi directions, either horizontal or perpendicular.

  • Solder-well design prevents the solder paste wicking up the contact
  • Sidewall design protects the spring contact not being overstressing or yielding
  • Domed contact point allows easier mating and lower contact resistance
  • Wide range on working height provides design flexibility
  • X-Y-Z 3 direction movement provides robust connection during shock and vibration