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SMD LED – Surface Mount (RGB+IC) C4516

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Surface Mount (RGB+IC) C4516

The 4516-IC is a 3-channels LED driver with 8 bit PWM linear control. The 4516-IC uses a single communication wire to identify LED PWM signal and in total 24bit RGB display. This is a very simple and cost effective for any LED model design. Due to the package design, 4516-IC has wide viewing angle, and low power consumption. The mixture of blue LEDs, green LEDs and red LEDs results in a white emission. And makes it ideal for light pipe application. The LED PWM output controlled by duty ration which depends on the 24 bit data each package. All package will latch new data when DIN port received the reset signal. (>50us low-level signal)


• P-LCC-6 package.
• Inner reflector and white package.
• Colorless clear resin.
• Wide viewing angle 120°.
• White SMT package.
• Soldering methods: IR reflow soldering.
• Pb-free.
• The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
• Compliance with EU REACH.
• Compliance Halogen Free.(Br <900 ppm Cl <900 ppm Br+Cl <1500ppm).

Other Applications

• Indoor/Outdoor LED video display.
• Full color LED light strip.
• LED decorative lighting.
• Gaming Exterior.