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One-Stop IC Tray and Chip Tray Solutions With Hwa Shu

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Hwa Shu: The IC Tray and Chip Tray Experts

Unparalleled Selection

Hwa Shu is a trusted supplier of IC trays and chip trays, with an extensive range of high-quality products. As an authorized distributor, Gennex is your one-stop shop for all your semiconductor packaging needs.

With over 2500 types of IC trays, 1500 types of carrier tapes and 1500 types of chip trays, Hwa Shu likely has a solution for you. Their vast open tooling library means lower costs for customers, since you won’t pay tooling fees for existing trays.

In-House Expertise

Hwa Shu’s in-house tooling department gives them a competitive edge. Rather than outsourcing tooling to third-party suppliers like some vendors, Hwa Shu’s skilled team can design and build custom trays to suit your exact specifications.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Hwa Shu utilizes advanced automation like Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) to ensure high quality and precision. AOI detects defects during the manufacturing process for enhanced quality control. This state-of-the-art technology results in superior products that meet the stringent demands of the semiconductor industry.

Trusted and Reliable

For IC trays, chip trays and all your semiconductor packaging requirements, Hwa Shu and Gennex should be your first choice. With an unparalleled range, custom design capabilities, cutting-edge automation and a proven track record of quality and service, we’re your one-stop solution.

Hwa Shu Innovation, IC Tray, Chip Tray | Gennex

Hwa Shu's Strengths: Massive Inventory, in-House Tooling, and AOI

As an authorized distributor, Gennex provides one-stop solutions for all your IC tray and chip tray needs with Hwa Shu. What makes Hwa Shu stand out is their huge range of products and services.

Mold Design and Precision Injection Molding by Hwa Shu
Hwa Shu offers expert mold design and streamlined injection molding services. Their advanced manufacturing setup includes:

  1. High-speed CNC machines
  2. Precision wire-cutting,
  3. CNC EDM, and
  4. Top-tier injection molding machines – complemented by precise 2D and 3D measuring technology for unmatched accuracy.
Precision EDM | Hwa Shu
Precision Wire EDM | Hwa Shu

Massive Range of Standard Trays

With over 2,500 types of IC trays and 1,500 types of chip trays in stock, Hwa Shu likely already has a tray for your needs. This means no waiting for tooling and faster delivery. Their vast range of carrier tapes, with over 1,500 options, provide the same benefits

In-House Tooling Department

While most tray suppliers outsource their tooling, Hwa Shu has their own in-house tooling department. This gives them more control over quality, costs and turnaround times. They can design and build custom trays to your exact specifications without relying on third parties.

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Hwa Shu utilizes AOI to thoroughly inspect trays during and after production. This state-of-the-art equipment detects even the smallest defects to ensure high quality. Their competitors typically rely only on human inspection, which can miss certain flaws. With AOI, you’ll receive trays that meet the highest standards.

Gennex: One Stop Solutions for all Semiconductor Products

As an authorized distributor for Hwa Shu, Gennex is your one stop solutions provider for all things semiconductors. With over 2500 types of IC trays, 1500 carrier tape options and 1500 chip tray varieties, Hwa Shu likely has the largest selection of open tooling trays available.

AOI carrier tape | HWA SHU

Between Hwa Shu’s huge inventory, in-house tooling, and AOI technology, Hwa Shu is equipped to meet all your IC tray and chip tray needs quickly and cost-effectively. 

AOI carrier tape 2 | HWA SHU

Gennex, as an authorized distributor, provides high quality products and services with additional value. Together, we offer a one-stop solution for the semiconductor industry.

Open Tooling Library

Open tooling means you don’t pay extra tooling fees for trays Hwa Shu already produces. This massive library of existing trays significantly reduces costs and lead times for customers. If Hwa Shu doesn’t have the exact tray you need, their in-house tooling department can quickly design and build a custom solution.

The Benefits of Sourcing All Your IC and Chip Trays From One Distributor

treamline Your Supply Chain: Get All Your IC and Chip Trays from Hwa Shu via Gennex for Unmatched Convenience
Sourcing your IC trays and chip trays from a single vendor like Hwa Shu through Gennex provides several advantages.

Convenience and Efficiency

Dealing with one distributor for all your semiconductor packaging needs streamlines the purchasing process. You have one point of contact for quotes, orders, shipments, and any questions. Hwa Shu’s huge inventory of standard trays and in-house tooling capabilities also mean shorter lead times to get the trays you need

Cost Savings

Buying from a single source often means volume discounts and competitive prices. Hwa Shu’s scale of operations also allows them to achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies that are passed onto customers. Their open tooling library reduces or eliminates the need for customers to pay costly tooling fees. These cost savings can add up to big benefits for your business.

Quality and Consistency

Relying on Gennex as an authorized distributor gives you confidence in consistent product quality. Hwa Shu utilizes automated optical inspection systems and stringent quality control procedures to ensure trays are defect-free and meet precise specifications each and every time. Their specialized focus on IC trays and chip trays also means they have unparalleled expertise in these products.


Even with thousands of standard trays, Hwa Shu recognizes that customers sometimes require customized options. Their in-house tooling department is equipped to design and manufacture customized trays to suit your unique needs. They work collaboratively with customers to develop trays that meet specialized requirements for dimensions, materials, and other attributes.

Sourcing your essential IC trays and chip trays from a single, reputable distributor offers benefits that extend far beyond mere convenience. Significant cost savings, high quality, and customization options are just a few of the many advantages of choosing Hwa Shu as your one-stop solution through Hwa Shu’s authorized distributor Gennex. Reliable partnerships with vendors that understand and meet your needs create value that impacts your bottom line.

What types of trays does Hwa Shu offer?

Hwa Shu offers an extensive range of trays for transporting and storing ICs and chips. They have over 2500 types of IC trays, 1500 types of carrier tape, and 1500 types of chip trays. Whether you need trays for wafers, IC tubes, reels, or individual chips, Hwa Shu likely has a solution.

Does Hwa Shu offer custom trays?

Yes, Hwa Shu has an in-house tooling department that can produce custom trays to meet your specific needs. They do not charge extra tooling fees for many of their standard tray types since they already have the tooling on hand. However, for fully customized trays, tooling fees may apply. Their tooling expertise and ability to create customized trays in-house gives them a competitive advantage.

What are some of Hwa Shu’s product strengths?

Some of Hwa Shu’s biggest strengths are:

  • Their enormous selection of standard tray types so you can likely find what you need without custom tooling.
  • In-house tooling department for fast custom tray design and production.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems to thoroughly check tray quality and precision.

Hwa Shu is a proven, reputable source for IC trays, chip trays, and other semiconductor equipment. Some of the top reasons to choose Hwa Shu include:

  • They are a one-stop source for all your tray and semiconductor handling needs.
  • High quality, precision-made trays that meet industry standards.
  • An enormous selection of standard trays plus the ability to create fully custom trays.
  • Competitive pricing thanks to their scale and experience.
  • Strong customer service and the backing of authorized distributors like Gennex.

Experience the advantage of tailored support right in your region. Reach out to Gennex’s adept technical sales team today, and leverage Hwa Shu’s solutions that meet your specific needs. Let’s work together to streamline your processes with expert, localized assistance

Local Expertise, Global Standards

Engage with our dedicated technical sales team for custom support that understands your local context, all while harnessing the power of our strategic alliance with Hwa Shu. 

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