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HWA SHU Enterprise Set to Make a Splash at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 in MITEC Malaysia

Innovation at Its Core: Introducing HWA SHU Enterprise Co., Ltd.

In the bustling technological landscape where precision and innovation are paramount, HWA SHU Enterprise Co., Ltd. stands out as a beacon of excellence. Founded on February 10, 1982, this company has carved a niche with a special focus on IC trays, tape and reels, and precision injection molded parts.

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HWA SHU at SEMICON SEA 2024: Leading Semiconductor Packaging Innovation

Product Excellence: A Wide Array of Solutions

HWA SHU’s product lineup is diverse and tailored to meet the intricate demands of the semiconductor sector. At the heart of its product line are the IC trays, which are essential for protecting and handling integrated circuits during manufacture and testing. The company also offers a broad selection of carrier tapes and chip trays, designed in accordance with industry standards like JEDEC, EIA 481, and EIA 763.

The HWA SHU Advantage

What sets HWA SHU apart? It’s a combination of its extensive range of over 2,500 types of trays and 1,500 types of carrier tapes and chip trays, as well as its commitment to customization and standard compliance. The company’s foothold as a top supplier in Taiwan and its recognition by leading OSAT companies underline its prominence in the industry.

  • World’s leading IC Tray and Tape & Reel supplier.
  • Taiwan’s largest IC Tray supplier.
  • Top 3 Tape & Reel supplier in Taiwan.
  • Certified by major OSATs including ASE, AMKOR, SPIL, JCET(STATSCHIPPAC), PTI, UTAC.
  • Portfolio includes over 2500 types of trays.
  • Over 1500 types of carrier tape available.
  • Extensive range with over 1500 types of chip tray.
Discover how HWA SHU Enterprise Co., Ltd., a titan in semiconductor packaging solutions, is gearing up to showcase its cutting-edge products and services at SEMICON SEA 2024
Join us to experience the future of semiconductor technology with a company that's been leading the way since 1982.

Visit Hwa Shu's Booth at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024

The Semicon Southeast Asia conference is coming up, and you won’t want to miss Hwa Shu’s booth. Get the inside scoop on all their latest innovations for boosting agility and resiliency across the global electronics supply chain. And the timing couldn’t be better – this is the largest congregation of the brightest minds in Southeast Asia within this exciting field.

So mark those calendars for May 28-30 at the MITEC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Join Us at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024!

This May 28-30, join us at Semicon Southeast Asia, the largest electronics industry event in Southeast Asia. For three exciting days, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the latest innovations and connect with leaders in the global semiconductor and electronics supply chain industry.

Network with Industry Leaders

Semicon Southeast Asia attracts the biggest names in the semiconductor and electronics industry. This is your chance to make valuable new connections, discover new partnerships, and gain key industry insights. Chat with our executives and engineers, ask questions about our roadmap and solutions, and explore how we can work together.

Visit us at Booth #3426 to experience the future of semiconductor and electronics innovations. We look forward to seeing you at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024!
Visit us at Booth #3426 to experience the future of semiconductor and electronics innovations. We look forward to seeing you at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024!

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For all your semiconductor and electronics needs, Gennex is the clear choice. We provide an unparalleled combination of diverse offerings, dedicated support, visionary innovation, and one-stop shop convenience. Stop by Booth #3426 at Semicon Southeast Asia to learn more about how we can help boost efficiency and drive growth for your business. We look forward to working with you!

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