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Reliable Proximity Sensors for All Applications

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Best Proximity Sensors in Malaysia for all applications

You’re looking for the best proximity sensors in Malaysia for your latest project or application. Proximity sensors detect when objects are nearby without any physical contact. 

KEMET’s Pyroelectric Infrared Proximity Sensors are a top option to consider.

  • Utilizing ceramics’ pyroelectric properties, these sensors detect humans through materials like glass or resin.
  • The modules deliver a digital signal and boast a plug-and-play design for quick deployment.
  • Standalone versions offer additional customization options if required.
  • Featuring low power consumption and the capability to operate through diverse materials, KEMET delivers versatile detection.

If you need a smart thermostat, security system, or other sensors, they can make your project smarter.

Performance Characteristics of Kemet proximity sensor
Detected Distance - Proximity Sensor Kemet

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Proximity sensors offer several useful benefits:

Contactless detection. Achieve contactless detection for touchless controls and gesture recognition. These sensors utilize magnetic fields to detect metallic objects up to 2 meters away, catering to various applications like microwave ovens, air conditioners, and smart locks.

Energy efficiency. Only activates when an object is detected, which saves energy compared to devices that are always sensing.

Safety. Used in applications like automated doors, elevators, and vehicles to detect objects and people, enabling safer operation.

Convenience. Improves user experience of many technologies, like automatic lighting controls, touchless faucets, and security systems.

Cost effectiveness. An affordable way to enable contactless detection and automation in a variety of applications.

Reliability. These sensors have no moving parts, so they tend to be very durable and long-lasting.

Easy to Implement. KEMET offers plug-and-play proximity sensor modules that make incorporating the sensors into your designs a breeze. The modules output a simple 3.0 V digital detection signal and only draw 800 μA of current, so they’re compatible with a wide range of systems.

Add touchless control to appliances or motion detection to security cameras with ease using KEMET’s modules.

Applications - Proximity Sensor Non-Contact Switch
Applications - Proximity Sensors

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FAQs: Answering Common Questions About Proximity Sensors in Malaysia

What are proximity sensors used for?

Proximity sensors detect nearby objects without physical contact. They emit electromagnetic fields or beams of radiation like infrared light, and detect changes in the fields or return signals to sense objects. Proximity sensors are used in many technologies and devices you interact with daily.

How do proximity sensors work?

These detect objects by emitting infrared radiation, ultrasonic waves, or electromagnetic fields and sensing changes in the signal when an object is close by. Infrared proximity sensors, like KEMET’s pyroelectric sensors, detect the infrared signature emitted by humans and objects. Ultrasonic proximity sensors emit high-frequency sound waves and detect echoes to sense objects. Capacitive proximity sensors use electromagnetic fields to detect the electrical properties of nearby objects.

KEMET offers proximity sensors with different detection ranges to suit specific needs –
Offering a range of detection options: short-range up to 20 cm for glass penetration, medium-range up to 2 m, and long-range up to 5 m to suit your needs.

Bottom line – KEMET Proximity Sensors offer the advanced features and reliability needed to take your products to the next level.

Implementing Proximity Sensors in Your Product Designs

Once you understand the basics of how these sensors work, it’s time to think about how you can implement them in your product designs. KEMET’s pyroelectric proximity sensors are highly versatile and configurable, allowing you to customize them for your specific needs. 

KEMET aims to push the boundaries of proximity sensor technology with their range of innovative, flexible, and reliable products. By understanding their different sensor options and how they operate, customers can find solutions tailored to their needs.

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Where to find KEMET Proximity Sensor in Malaysia?

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KEMET’s proximity sensors excel in both performance and efficiency. Their contactless detection, diverse range options, reliability, and energy efficiency provide solutions for companies in the consumer, medical, automotive, and industrial sectors. Paired with their compact, low-profile design, these sensors offer innovative features for next-generation devices and applications.
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