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KEMET Proximity Sensor: Contactless Detection Redefined

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When it comes to proximity sensors, reliability is crucial. A single mistake in functionality could lead to potentially dangerous accidents, emphasizing the critical need for these sensors to perform accurately and consistently.
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Just imagine the repercussions of a faulty proximity sensor in a scenario where safety is paramount. Whether it’s in automated doors, industrial machinery, or vehicle collision avoidance systems, any lapse in accuracy or performance could result in serious harm or damage.

This is where KEMET’s advanced proximity sensor shines. KEMET is redefining this technology with its advanced proximity sensor that takes non-contact detection to the next level across all applications. By leveraging KEMET’s proximity sensor, businesses and industries can mitigate the risks associated with inaccurate proximity detection and enhance overall safety measures.

KEMET's Innovative Proximity Sensor Design

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Mountable on Printed Circuit Boards
  • Diverse Range Options
  • High Performance
  • Innovative and Flexible
  • RoHS Compliant

KEMET’s proximity sensors stand out for their innovative lens-less designs, range of options, and high performance. Their flexibility and advanced features provide non-contact detection solutions for various devices

Applications of KEMET Proximity Sensor Across Industries

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

KEMET’s proximity sensors are ideal for consumer electronics like microwaves, air conditioners, and smart home devices. Their lens-less modules allow for contactless detection in microwaves to accurately monitor heating levels. Air conditioners can use the high sensitivity modules to detect room occupancy and adjust temperatures accordingly. Smart home products like lighting systems and door locks also benefit from the longer range proximity sensors for motion activation and access control.


In the automotive industry, sensors enable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and object detection. Their compact size allows for easy integration into vehicles to monitor blind spots, parking assistance, and collision avoidance systems. 


The Proximity Sensor’s high sensitivity and ability to detect through non-metallic materials make them suitable for various applications.

The low power consumption also meets the efficiency needs of battery-powered medical devices.


Industrial automation systems leverage KEMET’s proximity sensor for object detection, position sensing, and process control. Their durable and robust design withstands more demanding environments. The longer range options are ideal for monitoring high-speed assembly lines and detecting large machinery or vehicles in warehouses and loading bays.

KEMET’s proximity sensors innovative, non-contact detection capabilities enable the sophisticated solutions needed in today’s increasingly connected world.

KEMET's Diverse Range of Proximity Sensor for Any Need

No two applications are alike, which is why KEMET offers proximity sensors in a variety of options to suit different needs. Their lens-less modules can detect objects without any contact, ideal for touchless controls in devices like microwaves or smart lighting. 

Long-Range Detection

If your application requires sensing over longer distances, KEMET’s proximity sensors with built-in lenses provide advanced detection. These long-range modules are great for applications like automatic doors, conveyor belt monitoring, or monitoring traffic flow. Despite their extended range, these sensors remain compact for easy integration into your design. Contact our technical engineers to know more

Tailored to Your Needs

From short to long range, with or without lenses, KEMET has proximity sensors to match your needs. Their diverse product line offers options for every application, with features like:

  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low power consumption
  • Ability to detect through materials like resin, glass, and plastic
  • Compact, low-profile designs for space-constrained applications
  • Reliable, Efficient Performance

Gennex’ extensive range of electronic components provides options for any tech need. Whether you require short or long-range detection, with or without lenses, YAGEO group has solutions designed for reliability, efficiency, and tailored performance.

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