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YAGEO: The Electronic Component Powerhouse

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Discover the full range of top-quality YAGEO products conveniently through Gennex, the authorized distributor for Southeast Asia.

Gennex collaborates closely with customers to meet specific component and supply chain requirements. Backed by a dedicated technical team, Gennex offer expert guidance to address design obstacles and enhance cost-efficiency. Gennex is your go-to destination for all YAGEO group products in the region. Count on Gennex as your reliable partner for success.

YAGEO: A Global Leader in Passive Components

YAGEO Corporation is a global leader in electronic components with production and sales facilities worldwide. Providing a comprehensive range of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components, and circuit protection components to fulfill a variety of customer needs. With a vast product range for industries like aerospace, automotive, 5G, and consumer electronics, YAGEO serves diverse global clients.

With Gennex, you can easily tap into YAGEO’s top-notch range of premium passive components in Southeast Asia. Benefit from competitive pricing, superior quality, and extensive global technical assistance

Gennex: Your Trusted YAGEO Distributor in Southeast Asia

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With a vast distribution network across Southeast Asia, Gennex Corp is your go-to partner for Electronic Components. Our technical team provides crucial guidance to optimize designs and lower costs. We work closely with customers to understand requirements and deliver the right components and supply chain solutions.

Competitive Pricing and Extensive Inventory

Gennex offers competitive pricing and access to YAGEO’s full range of high-quality passive components. As an authorized distributor of YAGEO, our extensive inventory is readily available across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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Tailored Solutions

Our engineers help identify alternative or new components to optimize cost and performance. We tackle challenges head-on to provide the tailored solutions you need.

Quality Focus

As YAGEO’s authorized distributor, Gennex conducts strict quality inspection procedures to uphold the highest standards for all products before they reach customers.

Yageo Group of Companies
• Motion, Environmental, Smart Sensors • Optical Microsys

YAGEO is a leading global manufacturer of passive components, including multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), inductors, resistors, and circuit protection components.

Producing top-quality, high-performance components for various industries like:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Consumer Electronics
  3. Automotive
  4. Industrial
  5. Medical applications

• Tantalum • MLCC • Film/E-Capacitors • Supercapacitors • Magnetic Sensor Actuator

Kemet Corporation specializes in tantalum capacitors, polymer tantalum capacitors, and film capacitors. Kemet’s capacitors excel in high-performance, reliable, and long-lasting applications essential for automotive, industrial, telecommunications, and aerospace systems.

• EMC/EMI Components • Power Magnetics • Signal Transformer • Power/Isolation Transformer • Antenna & LTCC Filter • Network Connectors

Pulse offers inductors, transformers, and chokes that provide efficient power conversion and signal integrity in networking, telecom, computer, gaming, and other systems. Pulse components enable high-speed data transfer, low-noise power supplies, and other critical functions

• PT RTD Sensors (-200 °C to + 1,000 °C.) • RTD Probes & Assemblies • Elements with lead wire • Sensor on circuit boards • Customer specific sensors

YAGEO Nexensos leads the global market in reliable temperature sensing with high-precision platinum sensors. Offering a wide range of platinum temperature sensors known for stability, repeatability, and quick response times, Gennex provides various resistance values and temperature coefficients to suit your needs.

Beyond traditional temperature sensors, Nexensos’ innovative thin film technology enables the creation of multifunction chips integrating sensors, heaters, electrodes, and more on a single substrate.

With over a century of experience, Nexensos is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve your development objectives.

• Ferrite Cores • Cores & Accessories • Toroid Cores • Planar ER Cores • PQ Cores • ER and ETD Cores

Ferroxcube is a world leader in soft ferrite components, including ferrite cores, EMI filters, ferrite beads, and planar transformers. These passive electronic components are essential for managing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensuring efficient power conversion in electronic devices.

Gennex’ technical proficiency enables customized component development to meet specific needs and demands.

Gennex Value-Added Services for Customers in the Region

Technical Support

Gennex has a team of skilled field application engineers (FAEs) ready to provide technical support for your design needs.

Need assistance with part specifications, design or technical troubleshooting? Our Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are ready to help. Gennex offer valuable recommendations to tackle supply chain issues and enhance your project requirements.

Customized Solutions

Gennex offers customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Our technical team works closely with your engineers to fully understand your requirements and specifications.

Local Inventory

With strategically located warehouses across Southeast Asia, Gennex maintains a wide inventory of YAGEO products to fulfill your just-in-time needs. This local inventory means shorter lead times, reduced freight costs, and fewer supply chain complications.

Supply Chain Solutions

As an authorized YAGEO distributor, Gennex has insight into YAGEO’s supply chain and manufacturing operations. We use this visibility to provide solutions that smooth your procurement process. This includes consolidated shipping from multiple YAGEO factories, custom packaging, and labeling, and drop shipping directly to your end customers.

With Gennex as YAGEO’s authorized distributor, you gain access to a world-class portfolio plus localized technical expertise and supply chain capabilities tailored to your needs.

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